Inspiring Custom Home Design Ideas

You probably now have some vague custom home design ideas that’s why you’re here. Dreaming about your custom home is easy to do. But the most challenging part, thinking of a design that will match your interest. Plus, the budget for the construction may limit your construction and designing process. However, it is satisfying to see the result if you take risks of spending expenditures. If you plan to build your medium to large-sized dream house, here are some inspiring custom home design ideas you may apply.

Custom home design ideas for indoor spaces

Eccentric living room

Transform your living room into a movie theater-like with high-end flat television screens and comfy sofas. Match up with vintage curtains and cozy lightings. It is a perfect place to spend bonding time with your family during weekends and holidays.

Modernized kitchen 

Enjoy the food preparation like a pro chef while you’re in the good looking jazzy ambiance. Quartz or granite countertops, oversized countertops, well-furbished cabinets, and brand new appliances are the most popular trends to follow when designing your kitchen.

Personalized home office

If you’re in a remote job as a freelancer, it’s a good idea to provide your workspace at your custom home. Set up your personalized home office by installing built-in bookshelves, bright lights, office desks, and chairs. You can add table extensions for your office appliance.

Contemporary master bedroom

Sleep comfortably with your enormous bed and cuddle with fluffy pillows. Install air conditioner to provide cool room. Provide space for your clothes and shoes in large built-in closets or shoe racks. Design whatever you want to make your room in a jazzy appearance.

Custom home design idea for master bedroom
Photo by Huy Nguyen on Unsplash

Master-sized bathroom

Customizing your bathroom can be more exciting. Choose either you want to have a spa-style or walk-in shower in your master-sized restroom. Wall-sized shatterproof mirrors, vanity sets, ventilated ceiling fans, and warm lightings will also make your bathroom look comfortable.

Custom home design idea for bathroom
Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

Custom home design ideas for outdoor spaces

Custom swimming pool

Instead of going to the beach or in public pools, why not consider installing a swimming pool in your dream custom house? Of course, you have the power to choose what style and size you want. The most popular standard pool you might like is a 16 x 32 rectangle.

Spa or hot tubs

If you don’t prefer to splash around your swimming pool, consider installing spa and hot tubs. With these, you will enjoy numerous benefits to your body. Ideally, spas are often built with small circles or squares. While advanced tech now offers inflatable hot tubs.

Sports zone

Provide outdoor space for your physical recreational activity where you can exercise and produce sweats. Famous games like badminton, basketball, or tennis are the best outdoor court ideas to install. Imagine, you can enjoy a tournament for fun with your friends. 

Billiard hall in custom home
Photo by Neel on Unsplash

Modern greenhouse

Plant lovers will love this outdoor space idea! Provide an outdoor room for your garden house to make your plants safe and sound. Moreover, transparent glass allows sunlight to enter inside, prevent heavy rains, and see the captivating appearance of your greeneries.

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