6 Custom Carpentry Ideas For Built-in Bookcases

Custom carpentry is becoming more popular nowadays, especially in interior decorations. It is widely used for home and commercial renovations to give an aesthetic appearance. For instance, woodwork such as built-in wooden bookshelves is the most in-demand for Canada’s custom carpentry services.

Are built-in wooden bookshelves worth it?

Well, definitely yes! Installing built-in bookcases allow you to maximize space. You can have sturdy and large storage for your books, picture frames, and other display items.

Do custom carpentry built-in bookshelves add value?

Built-in bookcases can add value in real estate markets. Functionality, quality, durability, and versatility attract prospective property buyers.

Custom Woodworks For Bookshelves To Personalize Your Space

Basic and straightforward woodwork designs might look dull and boring. Customized woodwork such as for bookshelves can be challenging. So, we gathered some quirky and eccentric wooden bookshelves design to help you personalize your space.

1. Animal inspired built-in wooden bookshelves design for animal lovers

Create your space to make it more alive with wild-themed interior designs. We male animal-inspired built-in bookcase by using high-quality and durable wood materials. Animal lovers will love this style!

Boar-inspired built-in wooden shelves. Image from RH Baby & Child.

2. Nature-inspired built-in wooden bookshelves design for nature lovers

Show your support in nature and express your environmental friendliness. An exciting way to design your interior space is by installing a stylish-savvy built-in bookcase in your hallway. Trees, branches, flowers are an ideal piece for a custom carpentry service.

Oaktree-inspired wooden shelves. Image source: Gadget Sharp

3. Moon inspired built-in wooden bookshelves design for selenophiles

Moon-inspired wooden shelf. Image source: Pinterest

Galileo Galilei describes the moon as a beautiful and delightful sight to behold of its body. Even the selenophiles admire the shining and shimmering presence of the moon in the night sky. What’s more, if you applied an elegant yet straightforward curvy appearance of the crescent moon. Try this dazzling moon inspired built-in bookcase.
Image Source Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/16184879895142462/

4. Spider-inspired built-in wooden bookshelves design for Marvel fans

Spider-inspired Shelf. Photo from Homecrux

Are you a solid Marvel fan? Personalize your space with a built-in spider-inspired shelf.

5. Functional curved wooden bookshelves

Any home needs functional furniture. With shelves as these, your storage issues will surely be solved. Feel the extraordinary figure once the custom carpentry completed.

Functional curved wooden bookshelves. Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

6. Geometric built-in wooden bookshelves design for a unique style

If you want built-in bookcases with eccentric-looking interior designs, geometric styles are suitable for you. This style can use different shapes such as triangular and other angular figures. Entirely for the individuals who want a smart-themed and cozy space.

Geometric built-in wooden bookshelves design. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Interested in more innovative woodwork designs? Jana Pijak collated assorted soundwave-inspired wall decors and wood-clad greenhouse cabin designs.  

Beautify your home with custom carpentry

Boost the appearance by installing aesthetic custom built-in bookcase and related woodworks. We can do custom carpentry works like above! Tell us what design you want to achieve, we can make impossible things happen. Get in touch with JP Lucky Construction now!

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