4 Essentials To Consider Ahead of House Extension Project

Homeowners opt to have a house extension to add space for a growing family. Others do it to add value for real estate valuation purposes. So if you are planning to add space to your lovely home, take time to read this article to know more information. Here are some important things to consider:

1. Complying with the local building regulations

Building a house extension must meet the safety standard required by local building regulations. It ensures the quality of the constructed space and structural foundations. Ensuring public safety is the premise. That’s why there’s is a need to secure building permits first. The Ontario Building Code, for instance, establishes detailed technical and administrative requirements. It outlines the minimum standards for building construction:

  • Health and Safety
  • Fire protection
  • Structural sufficiency
  • Construction materials
  • Plumbing and Mechanical systems

House extension projects would need a building permit. Interested to know more about building permits in Toronto? Check this: Toronto Building Homeowner’s Guide to Building Permits

2. Working with the right home builders

Work with professional house builders and contractors to ensure quality craft and cost-effectiveness. These experts have a familiarity with safety standards, so no need to worry about it. They focus on your concerns, so you can customize and pinpoint every detail of what you want to achieve.

Talking about the designs, here are the home builders who can help you to design the house extensions:

  • Architects
  • Specialist designers
  • Architectural technicians
  • In-house design teams

Talking about concretizing designs and carpentry, hire contractors who have been into projects similar to yours. One thing that can be bragged about JP Lucky Construction is their cumulative experience. Their carpentry experience is largely from working in the highly competitive west and southwest side Chicago land housing market in the past three decades. From apprentice to foreman.

3. Setting the targeted budget in house extension cost

It’s a best practice to collect multiple quotes before settling with the construction. Or at least, three quotations. This allows you to compare and find the best price that is suitable for your budget. Unplanned budgeting will surprise you with costly expenses. Better to plan before starting the installation of house extensions.

In Toronto and nearby areas, house extension costs range between $100 and $200 per square foot. The common breakdowns charged for the construction will be:

  • Architectural design services
  • Structural and foundation support
  • Interior elements including carpentry, etc.
  • Exterior elements including the roofing system, etc.
  • Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems
  • Demolition (if necessary) and construction

4. Checking the affected surroundings by the construction

Check on the area involved for the house addition. For example, the existing storage house that needs demolition, or the trees need to cut down.

Also, consider if you have neighbors around you who may be affected during the operation. Inform them about the installation of the house extension. A simple act of notifying them to act as respecting the people living around you. Plus, it will be no hindrance that can cause any delays caused by arguments.

Feuds over house renovation happen. You probably have heard about the fiasco in a semi in Queen Street East and Greenwood Avenue last month. If you haven’t, check the CBC report: Feud over renovations turns east-end semi-detached house into battleground

Let’s get started with house extension

Home and public safety are non-negotiable. House extension projects should be carefully thought of in advance.  Work with professional custom home builders who are seasoned in house extension projects.

Get in touch with JP Luck Construction now. Call us at (647) 657-4899 or send an email at jpluckyconstruction@gmail.com for your quotation requests. You can also leave your inquiries on their website contact page.

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