Home Renovations on a budget: The Do’s and Don’ts

Home renovation can be essential for a property owner who wants to sell the house in the future or for personal reasons. That means you’ll have many things to consider, like how to find a contractor, how to cut prices or how to turn your Pinterest ideas into reality. You need to thoroughly construct a plan and set a specific budget to get on the right track. Besides, you can also avoid overspending on your home remodelling project. However, here’s how you handle renovating your Toronto home on a budget.

7 Do’s and Don’t in Home Renovation in Toronto

1. Refreshing your wall

  • DO: Paint. A new painting coat is the cheapest and easiest way to refresh a room. The only costs for paint and brushes are if you do this for yourself.
  • DONT: Wallpaper. Everybody who needs to remove old wallpaper knows how terrible tasks it can be.

2. Remodelling your door 

  • DO: Install a steel door that is energy efficient. The first impression is to sell your home, and the first impressions begin at the front door.
  • DONT: Set up a front door with fibreglass. The increased cost will not result in a higher selling price.

3. Refurbishing your cabinets

  • DO: Replace hardware for cabinet. Changing kitchen and bathroom handles is a low-cost and quick way to add some flair.
  • DONT: Remodify your office in your own home. Many buyers will see built-in shelvings and desks for money to convert back to the bedroom.

4. Adding spare room

  • DO: Set up a spare room. Transforming an unused basement or attic into an extra space will open your home to more buyers.
  • DONT: Add extra bathroom. Plumbing, cabling, and tiling are very costly add-ons for these small spaces.

5. Performing minor repairs

  • DO: Do some minor repairs. Screw up your home from top to bottom to replace chipped outlet coverings, missing or cracked. These cheap DIY tasks reap valuable benefits.
  • DONT: Additional sunroom. The installation is expensive, and, on a date, the costs of replacement of the ageing window will be returned to the buyers.

6. Enhancing your outdoor spaces

  • DO: Landscaping your property. An all-important appeal to your home will be a mixture of the hardy and affordable deck, pergola, or patios.
  • DONT: Install a pool on the ground. Many buyers are afraid of long-term repair costs and don’t want continuous maintenance.

7. Upgrade home appliances

  • DO: Modernize your home appliances. Energy-efficient ones can be subject to a tax credit or discount.
  • DONT: Installing a generator backup. While electricity backups can help you in weather storms, buyers usually won’t pay a premium.

home renovation

Please don’t do it alone!

Depending on the project’s size, you can undertake the task of DIY home renovation when remodelling a bedroom, kitchen, dining, or family room. But you should not do that alone. What is the main reason? First, you have the extra burden to take into account plumbing and electrical hookups for kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Lastly, you must know how the plumbing and electrical connections work about the designated space and any surrounding area. Knowledge is essential to ensure that appropriate materials and efficient, creative skills lead to a functional, cost-effective room that reflects your unique tastes.

Doing it by yourself sounds like exhausting tasks. It consumes too much time and energy. If you plan to build or renovate your existing home in Toronto, we highly recommend hiring JP Lucky Construction to provide you with the best quality of home renovation services. Reach out to their home renovation contractors to discuss your construction or remodelling needs.

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