From concept to creation, we make things happen. Got questions about our custom home building and construction-related services? Check our FAQs or call us directly at (647) 657-4899.

Well-functioning flooring is essential for regular activities in your home. Invest in quality floors that are sustainable and durable. It would mean less repair in the future.

We install, replace, and repair any kind of floor depending on your need. We assist you in choosing what type of floors will suit your budget, as well as the desired location to be applied.

Actual design and building cost varies, largely based on specifications, complexity of structures, site location, and scope/area size. Specific for carpentry framing, the cost is pegged at $ 10.50 per square foot.

The cost of our usual flooring installation in residential homes commonly ranges between $1,963 and $5,806. Amount varies considering factors such as the flooring product, type of installation method, subject location, the size of the area, and other charges. We highly recommend you to give us specific details before giving you a quotation.

JP Lucky Construction primarily serve the Greater Toronto Areas, but we can also cater up to 100 miles radius outside the GTA.

We do pretty much everything-construction for residential homes. Custom home building is what we do best. But we also do house extension, demolition and construction debris removal, home remodeling, and renovation, roof replacement, and flooring installation.

Our construction manager has been in the construction industry for 30 years! Been building US and Canadian homes for the past three decades. We are fully licensed and insured so we can guarantee safe, secure, and reliable workmanship in our offered services.

Yes, we do. Give us a call at (437) 214-4138 or email to get your free estimation. You can also set your appointment with us before the flooring works.

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